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Holy Week 2015: Annunciation Cathedral - Houston, TX

Founded in 1917 by Greek immigrants fleeing war and occupation, Annunciation is now home to more than 1,000 families and growing. On Holy Saturday, seven more catechumens received Holy Chrismation and were enjoined to Christ's Body, His Holy Church. Despite the evil and horror we witness around the world and in our own cities, the desire for Truth and Love exists, as evidenced by the increasing number of souls coming to the Faith.

But, our journey does not end at Baptism or Chrismation. It is only just beginning. We have a great responsibility to nurture and guide each soul unto the end. In our parish, there are countless numbers of parishioners who serve the Church along side our wonderful clergy to edify Her in Grace and Truth. We give thanks to God for His great mercy and to those who have served this parish in love and faith. By God's Grace, may the seeds planted by the many parents, godparents, teachers and clergy produce much fruit in the the Heavenly Kingdom.

Emily Grivon (photographer)

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
3511 Yoakum Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006

Rev. Father Michael Lambakis, Proistamenos
Rev. Father Demetrios Tagaropulos
Rev. Father Christopher Xanthos
Rev. Deacon Gabriel Gadah
Holy Week and Pascha at the Annunciation Cathedral in Houston, TX
The Saturday of Lazarus; Fr. Michael speaks with the congregation.