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Holy Week 2015: St. Demetrios Church - Seattle, WA

I was taught at a young age the most important lesson in life is your faith, culture and identity. My parents always told me no matter what happens in life your Orthodox faith will always be a part of who you are in your true identity. As I have grown into a strong young woman I look at life the way God wants us to follow... with compassion, hope and living life everyday as a good Christian. If I could do anything as a photographer is to capture not just the moments, but the vision that could inspire and make a difference. Anyone can click a button, but those who see not just what is in front of them but the detail is what matters most.

In my photos, I capture Holy Friday at St. Demetrios Parish in Seattle, WA. Bishop Apostolos from San Francisco came to visit our community and with his heart of gold it enlightened our church as you see in the photographs.

If I learned anything in life, it's that you can make a difference in the world from the littlest things such as a smile to another individual. I have had the opportunity of traveling the world and now with my photography I would love to share it with the world for people to realize that even you can pick up a camera and see more than just an image, its God's creation.

Stephanie Platis,

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
2100 Boyer Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 631-2500

Rev. Photios Dumont, Presiding Priest
Rev. Daniel Triant, Assistant Priest
Holy Week and Pascha at St. Demetrios in Seattle, WA
Lighting a candle