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Holy Week 2015: St. Barbara - Orange, CT

"It is the day of Resurrection; let us then make ourselves, resplendent for the festival and embrace one another, Let us say, brethren, even to those who do not love us: 'Let all be forgiven in the Resurrection, and so exclaim: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling death by death, and bestowing life on those in the graves.'"

The Saint Barbara Parish serves as the spiritual center to over 700 families in the Greater New Haven area. The community is very family oriented and encourages our parishioners to fully participate in the life of the Church. We have been broadcasting our liturgical services live via our web site since 2002 and in doing so have provided a wonderful opportunity for those who are unable to attend services on a regular basis or are not located near an Orthodox Church to participate in the prayer cycle of our Faith.

Rev. Fr. Peter Orfanakos
St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church
480 Racebrook Road
Orange, CT 06477
Phone: (203) 795-1347

For more on our parish life please visit us at:
Holy Week and Pascha at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Orange, CT
Icon of Christ raising Lazarus from the tomb; Divine Liturgy for the Saturday of Lazarus.