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Holy Week and Pascha 2014: Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church Campbell, OH

Archangel Michael Church, in Campbell, Ohio, is a small church in a small town. Campbell is home to less than 9,000 residents. It has a very unique nickname: “The City of Churches”. Archangel Michael Church is one of those many churches. But what isn’t small about our humble church is the number of families who attend – over 600.

Our town is predominately a Greek community from the many Greek immigrants finding work here in the early 1900’s. Every Sunday the church is filled with the faithful. But during Holy Week is when our church is at its busiest - people filling every pew - even having to place chairs on the outside of the pews to accommodate more worshipers. Those who can’t get a seat fill the balcony; some even resort to standing in the narthex while attentively listening to the liturgy. Many even fill the outside of the church in our courtyard, just to witness the procession of the Kouvuoklion or to hear the Gospel reading before the entire congregation sings “Xristos Anesti” during the Holy Resurrection Service. Our priest, chanters, choir and parish sing together with such triumphant emotion. And, along with our spectacular firework show, the entire town of Campbell knows that Christ is Risen.
Rev. Fr. Steve Denas, Proistamenos
401 12th Street
Campbell OH 44405
Phone: (330) 755-3596
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Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church Campbell, OH